Governor-elect Tim Walz meets Jesse Ventura for a chat about legal marijuana

The soon-to-be governor met the former governor on Tuesday.
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Cutting a colorful figure in the halls of the Minnesota Capitol on Tuesday, Jesse Ventura emerged from a meeting with governor-elect Tim Walz.

Ventura, who famously became Minnesota governor in 1999, was one of several former governors with whom Walz has met since winning last week's gubernatorial elections.

And while Walz is seeking advice on how to go about setting up and running his administration, Ventura's presence inevitably led to a conversation about the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Ventura – who has long called for the drug's legalization – said he believes that Minnesota could finally adopt legal marijuana on Walz's watch.

According to MPR, Ventura said that Minnesota has "always been a leader," but has become "a follower" when it comes to marijuana. 

"And I think the new governor-elect is going to change that," he added.

We explained last week that last Tuesday's election was a good one for legal marijuana in Minnesota, with two pro-legalization parties attaining major party status in the state.

The election of Walz also bodes well for legalization, given that the governor-elect stated during his campaign that he is receptive to legalizing pot's recreational use.

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With the Democrats now in charge of the Minnesota House, and with the GOP having a majority of just one in the Senate, there are opportunities for a legalization bill to pass.

FOX 9 reports that Walz also took time on Tuesday to respond to GOP House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt's criticism of his plans to increase the gas tax to fund transportation improvements at a time the state is running a budget surplus.

Walz said it's important the state finds a long-term funding source for road, bridge and transit projects, saying: "To spend a short-term budget surplus on some construction projects on roads without any plan of how we extend this to the next generation is irresponsible."

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