Governor, mayors impose 8 p.m.–6 a.m. curfew in Minneapolis and St. Paul

It'll be in place through at least Sunday morning.

Gov. Tim Walz signed an executive order imposing an 8 p.m.-6 a.m. curfew in Minneapolis and St. Paul Friday and Saturday nights amid ongoing civil unrest in the wake of George Floyd's death.

The executive order comes after St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter joined Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey in implementing curfews in their respective cities. 

“It’s time to rebuild our community and that starts with safety in our streets,” Gov. Walz said in a news release. “Thousands of Minnesotans have expressed their grief and frustration in a peaceful manner. But the unlawful and dangerous actions of others, under the cover of darkness, has caused irreversible pain and damage to our community.

"This behavior has compromised the safety of bystanders, businesses, lawful demonstrators, and first responders. Now, we come together to restore the peace,” Walz added.

During the curfew, no one is allowed to travel on Minneapolis and St. Paul streets or public places, except for first responders, members of the media, people going back and forth to work, individuals seeking emergency care or fleeing danger, and people experiencing homelessness, the executive order notes. 

Frey's curfew did not spell out specific exemptions for those going to work and Twin Cities journalist Tony Webster notes that the curfew also does NOT include journalists, who face a punishment for breaking curfew of up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Walz's order asks people to voluntarily comply, noting police officers will enforce the curfew and arrest anyone who refuses to comply. It also notes that mayors across the state can issue their own curfews.

The temporary curfew will come to an end at 6 a.m. Sunday, according to the executive order.

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The definition of "travel" includes walking, biking, driving, skateboard, scooter, motorcycles and public transit. And the definition of "public place" includes roads, streets, alleyways, sidewalks, parks, vacant lots, and unsupervised property.

The curfews come as the Twin Cities prepares for another night of unrest, following the death of George Floyd on Monday.

You can read the Minneapolis order here and here is Walz's executive order.

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