Governor Walz signs executive order allowing food trucks to operate at highway rest stops in Minnesota

The order is effective immediately.
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Stock image of a food truck.

Truck drivers remain essential to the nation's workforce during the coronavirus pandemic, and because of restaurant shutdowns many truckers have had fewer food options while journeying across the country.

In Minnesota, a new executive order signed by Gov. Tim Walz on Friday will allow food trucks to begin selling to truckers at highway rest stops. 

Walz issued a statement saying the executive action "will provide an additional option for truck drivers, who play a critical role in supporting the supply chain and depend on eating their meals on the road."

Executive Orders 20-49 permits food trucks to operate at up to six highway rest stops in Minnesota, and it is effective immediately. 

Minnesota statutes typically disallow the construction of food establishments at highway rest areas, but the executive action temporarily stops enforcement of the law to help commercial truck drivers find "nutritious and freshly prepared meals." 

MnDOT now has the authority to designate up to six highway rest areas in Minnesota as locations for temporary food truck sales. 

It is not yet clear where the designated food truck stops will be located. 

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