Grand Rapids man charged with attempted murders of 5 police officers

He was also charged with the domestic assault of his wife and stepson.
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Roy Miller

A man has been charged with the attempted murders of 5 police officers in an incident that started when he assaulted his ex-wife and stepson because they laughed at the family dog peeing on him.

Roy Miller, 44, of Grand Rapids, has been charged with five counts of attempted murder, five counts of first-degree assault and two counts of domestic assault.

It follows a shootout on Feb. 10 that saw Miller fire several shots at Itasca County deputies who had responded to the domestic assault report.

He then sideswiped two squad vehicles as officers returned fire, before driving his pickup into a ditch. He was taken into custody after throwing a handgun out of his vehicle.

The situation had escalated from earlier in the night, which saw Miller get enraged when he picked up the family dog only for it to pee on him, to the amusement of his ex-wife and her son, who is Miller's stepson.

Miller became "upset and aggressive" towards his stepson to the point that the ex-wife said she was going to call the police. Miller grabbed her cellphone, broke it and threw his ex to the ground, punching her in the face.

The stepson was also punched in the face and Miller started chasing the pair around the house.

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As they tried to get out of the property, Miller went to his gun safe and came back with a black and white rifle, telling his ex-wife: "You need to get out of here."

The stepson had already ran out of the house, with his mother following shortly after, getting into her car to leave. Before she could, Miller followed outside and headbutted the rear window of her Jeep, shattering the glass.

The woman drove away, finding her son further down the road wearing only his underwear. They drove to a home in Aitkin County where they called police.

Miller's stepson told police that he thought his nose had been broken, and also said his feet were burning as fled in the snow and ice wearing only socks on his feet.

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