Group launches nonprofit aimed at legalizing recreational pot in MN

They say Minnesota's ready to join other states that have allowed recreational marijuana.
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Consider the movement to legalize recreational pot in Minnesota officially underway, with the launch of a new political nonprofit aimed at making legal weed a reality in the state. 

The organization, called Minnesotans for Responsible Marijuana Regulation (MRMR), introduced itself with two Facebook posts on Saturday, saying it is "seeking to responsibly regulate and legalize marijuana for adult recreational use":

They've also launched a website,, echoing the #MNisReady hashtag that's displayed prominently on their Facebook page. 

The group says it is "working to inform and engage" their "fellow Minnesotans, Minnesota state legislators, and other Minnesota policymakers" about the issues surrounding legalized recreational pot, including tax ramifications.

As the Star Tribune notes, MRMR counts some high-profile citizens among its members, including Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

The launch of MRMR is proof of building momentum for the state's "legalize" movement, which has been gaining steam lately. In fact, Forbes recently said Minnesota is one of the most likely states to make the change in 2019.

That's because of a few key things, according to the magazine: Democrats are now in control of the state House, and new Gov. Tim Walz has publicly voiced support for legalization.

However, such a change is not high on the list of legislative priorities; the Star Tribune also points out that marijuana was not on the "list of 10 priorities" recently released by House Democrats. 

Currently, recreational pot is legal in 10 states and the District of Columbia.

Minnesota legalized medicinal marijuana in 2014. 

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