Group stops traffic to protest 'deadly' Lyndale & 25th intersection

They're hoping to raise awareness of the dangerous crossing.
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Lyndale Ave and 25th Street.

If you've ever had to cross Lyndale Ave at 25th Street near Uptown Minneapolis, you might have a pretty good idea why people are protesting the intersection.

A large group staged a demonstration there Friday evening, halting traffic by crossing the street back and forth multiple times. They're calling on Hennepin County to update the street design there. 

Local activist and podcast host Ian Buck shared video from the protest on Twitter:

According to the tweet, the demonstration comes after a man named Ted Ferrara was killed while crossing the intersection. 

(BringMeTheNews was unable to find any further details about the death.)

According to Buck, there were some "harrowing" moments during the protest, with a few people nearly being hit by cars:

Buck says the group would pause on the corner periodically to let traffic through; despite this, he tweeted, "some of the drivers were very aggressive."

Nonetheless, the demonstration was not without its supporters.

"Other drivers were supportive," Buck writes, "and one cyclist traveling down Lyndale paused on his journey to join us!"

There was also plenty of backing on social media, with the effort picking up the hashtag #FixLyndale. According to one tweet, over 40 people took part in the protest:

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