Gun fired during fight at youth football game in St. Paul

Fortunately, nobody was hit by the bullet.
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A fight between adults led to a gun being fired at a youth football game in St. Paul on Thursday night, according to the St. Paul Police Department. 

The department says the fight on the sidelines led to the gun being fired. Fortunately, nobody was injured, although it created a frightening scene that led to the cancellation of the game. 

One parent described what happened on her Facebook page:

"Last night I was in my van watching this game waiting for my son team to get ready to travel to their game. When I heard a gun shot and saw everyone just scatter. It was crazy! Just sad that these grown men had to do this at kids football game. thank God no one was hurt."

Police scoured the scene and found one spent shell casing, which led to the arrest of a 27-year-old man. It's unclear if that man fired the gun or what charges he's facing.

The altercation took place on a field near West Minnehaha Recreation Center. 

The two teams playing were St. Paul Frogtown Football and North Area Titan Football. It's unclear what age group was playing, but Frogtown has leagues for kids 9-under, 10-under, 12-under and 14-under. 

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