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Hackers took control of both HBO's and PlayStation's Twitter accounts

The group OurMine took control of their social media accounts.

HBO and PlayStation both had their social media accounts hacked in the past week, with their combined 15 million-plus followers seeing tweets calling out poor security.

These account hacks are purportedly the work of OurMine – a hacker group that advertises its services by getting into high-profile social media accounts and pointing out the security isn't good. (Sort of like in action movies where the bad guy is an America-loving patriot who plans a terror attack in the U.S. to prove how lax its defenses are.)

OurMine claims to have hacked Troye Sivan, BuzzFeed, Steam, Mark Zuckerberg, Stanford University, and others in the past.

"We have no bad intentions and only care about the security and privacy of your accounts and network," the group's website says.

First it was HBO

The hacker group took over HBO's Twitter last Wednesday.

OurMine said it was just "testing [HBO's] security." However, the group appeared to gain access not just to HBO's Twitter and Facebook, but also the accounts for specific shows:

An HBO spokesperson didn't comment to Variety when asked about it, but all the posts from OurMine have been deleted.

This is not the same hacker group that has actually stolen content from HBO, by the way.

The PlayStation hack might be more serious

On Sunday, it was PlayStation's Twitter account:

As the tweets show, OurMine clearly got into the social media accounts. But an initial tweet also indicates the group might have gotten access to PlayStation Network data.

The group hasn't offered any proof, nor has it given details about what information might be in those databases. But with 70 million PSN users every month, that's a lot of people potentially affected.

If you have a PSN account (and OurMine's assurance it won't share the data isn't enough), you should turn on two-step verification – it texts you a special code whenever someone tries to log in with your username.

And it can't hurt to change your password as well.

Sony's people went in and deleted the OurMine posts within minutes. So this unauthorized access was pretty brief compared to the 2011 hack that shut down the network for almost a month and led to an enormous settlement.

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