Hate crimes rose 22 percent in Minnesota last year

There were 146 hate crimes reported in 2017, up from 119 in 2016.
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Minnesota saw a 22 percent increase in reported hate crimes last year, reflecting a wide increase in such crimes at a national level.

The FBI released its annual hate crime report, which is compiled using information provided by many – but not all – law enforcement agencies across the country.

In Minnesota, there were 146 hate crimes reported in 2017, which is an increase on the 119 reported in 2016.

Of the reported crimes last year:

  • 48 were anti-black crimes.
  • 21 were anti-white .
  • 21 targeted the LGBTQ community.
  • 16 were anti-Jewish.
  • 10 were anti-Muslim.

While Minnesota is better than many other states at providing hate crime statistics to the FBI, the Star Tribune notes that there are still some issues with how hate crimes are classified.

The newspaper notes, for example, that the City of Bloomington reported zero hate crimes last year, despite Bloomington being the scene of a bombing at the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center last August, allegedly carried out by three white militia members from Illinois.

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In total, only 42 out of the 353 law enforcement agencies in Minnesota said they investigated a hate crime report last year.

Nationally, hate crimes rose by 17 percent, although the FBI notes that there were 1,000 more agencies reporting hate crime data than in 2016, which could explain some of the rise.

Race/ethnicity/ancestry was the most common form of bias-related crimes, accounting for 59.6 percent of all reports, followed by religion (20.6 percent) and sexual orientation (15.8 percent).

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