Heavy snow caves in roof of Brainerd greenhouse

Brainerd has been hit with 15+ inches of snow in the past week or so.
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A couple of snowstorms pounded the Brainerd Lakes Area with upwards of 15 inches of snow in the past week and it was heavy enough to cave in the roof of a greenhouse. 

Erickson's Greenhouse, located at 1004 Southeast 13th Street in Brainerd, shared photos to Facebook showing the damage the heavy snow caused, saying their "newly remodeled greenhouse collapsed under the weight of the snow." 

They've spent the past couple of days digging out, with the Brainerd Dispatch reporting that the business sustained at least $10,000 in damage that its insurance probably won't cover. 

The greenhouse owner told the Brainerd newspaper that the plastic roof is designed to allow the snow to fall off, but "it just came so fast and so much that it just couldn't swallow it fast enough." 

The Dec. 26-29 snowstorm dumped 12.5 inches of snow in Brainerd, according to the National Weather Service, and another 3-5 inches fell in the area on New Year's Eve. 

The Brainerd area could get another couple inches of snow with the next storm system moving through the area Sunday night into Monday. More on that via the Bring Me The News "The Weather MN" blog right here

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