Heidi Heitkamp was a 'yes' on Kavanaugh until Amy Klobuchar exchange

The Democrat had planned to approve Kavanaugh's SCOTUS nomination.
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Sen. Heidi Heitkamp's decision to vote against Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation came after she witnessed his exchange with Minnesota's Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

The North Dakota senator is a Red State Democrat, and her decision to vote against Kavanaugh's confirmation could very well see her lose her seat this coming November.

As it turned out, her decision ultimately didn't matter, as Maine GOP Sen. Susan Collins and West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin ultimately ensured Kavanaugh would have enough votes to be confirmed.

Nonetheless, Sen. Heitkamp revealed her reasons for voting against the nominee in an interview with CNN earlier this week.

The crucial point came during his exchange with Sen. Klobuchar, who asked Kavanaugh if he'd ever blacked out from too much drinking, which he responded by asking her "Have you?"

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This was the final straw for Heitkamp, who said it showed Kavanaugh didn't have the demeanor for a Supreme Court Justice. She made her mind up after watching the exchange a second time – but with the sound off.

"We communicate not only with words, but with our body language and demeanor," she said.

"I saw somebody who was very angry, who was very nervous, and I saw rage that a lot of people said, 'Well of course you're going to see rage he's being falsely accused,' but it is at all times you're to acquit yourself with a demeanor that's becoming of the court."

Kavanaugh had been accused of an attempted sexual assault when he was at high school, with his accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford describing the incident at a hearing last week.

You can see her comments in the below clip, starting at around 1:30.

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