Here is Minnesota's COVID-19 situation update for June 3

It shows a slight increase in ICU cases, which ha remained in the 245-260 range for about a week.

Nearing three full months since the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Minnesota, the total number of laboratory-confirmed cases stands at 25,870, while the death toll – the first death was confirmed Mar. 21 – has reached 1,086. 

Today's report from the Minnesota Department of Health includes 362 new positive test results and 14 more deaths, ten of whom were residents of long-term care or assisted-living facilities. Of the 1,086 deaths, 876 came from congregate care settings. 

After a spike in deaths towards the end of last week that includes two single-day highs, since then the total numbers have trended lower.

Wednesday's report also shows a slight uptick in the number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care, rising from 248 in Tuesday's report to 254 Wednesday. The overall hospitalizations, which includes ICU patients, remains stable at 537. 

Coronavirus in Minnesota by the numbers:

  • Tests: 258,747 (up from 265,718)
  • Confirmed cases: 25,870 (up from 25,508)
  • Deaths: 1,086 (up from 1,072)
  • Still hospitalized: 537 (even from 537)
  • Patients in intensive care: 254 (up from 248).
  • Patients no longer requiring isolation: 21,169 (up from 20,381)

There have been 11 patients deemed to have "probably" died from COVID-19, though that total isn't included in the aforementioned death toll. Those cases represent victims who never received a COVID-19 test, but for whom doctors believe within a reasonable degree of certainty that the virus caused their death.

Meanwhile, health officials are encouraging anyone who attended protests in recent days to go in for a COVID-19 test, and they recommend doing so whether you have symptoms or not. 

You can find your closest testing facility in Minnesota through this link.

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