Here is Minnesota's COVID-19 update for June 5

There has been a massive increase in testing the past two days.
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Minnesota's battle with COVID-19 has hit another high note entering the weekend as Friday's update from the Department of Health reveals 33 more deaths. 

The deaths come with the backdrop of major testing increases the past two days. Preliminary data from Thursday's report showed just over 9,900 tests conducted in the previous 24 hours, though that number has been adjusted to a record 15,927. The preliminary testing total in Friday's release shows 11,006 tests. 

Of those, there were 712 had positive results. 

The number of COVID-19 patients currently in intensive care continues to drop, now down to 220. Those 220 patients are included in the total hospitalizations, which currently stands at 478 – a drop of 34 since the previous report. 

Coronavirus in Minnesota by the numbers:

  • Tests: 322,340 (up from 275,622)
  • Confirmed cases: 26,980 (up from 26,273)
  • Deaths: 1,148 (up from 1,115)
  • Still hospitalized: 478 (down from 512)
  • Patients in intensive care: 220 (down from 244).
  • Patients no longer requiring isolation: 21,864 (up from 21,490)

There have been 11 patients deemed to have "probably" died from COVID-19, though that total isn't included in the aforementioned death toll. Those cases represent victims who never received a COVID-19 test, but for whom doctors believe within a reasonable degree of certainty that the virus caused their death.

Meanwhile, health officials are encouraging anyone who attended protests in recent days to go in for a COVID-19 test, and they recommend doing so whether you have symptoms or not.

You can find your closest testing facility in Minnesota through this link.

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