Here is Minnesota's COVID-19 update for Saturday, June 13

People who attended a protest recently should wait five days and then go in for a test.

Saturday's coronavirus update from the Minnesota Department of Health shows that 9 more people have died from COVID-19, which brings the state's death toll since mid-March to 1,283.

The latest 24-hour reporting period included 12,784 diagnostic tests, which resulted in 394 positive results, 17 of which have since been removed for an official tally of 377.

Of the latest deaths, 4 out of 9 occurred in long-term care or assisted-living facilities.

Of the total deaths, 1,019 have been residents of long-term care or assisted-living facilities.

The number of patients who are hospitalized, including in intensive care, continues to fall, now totaling 390, of whom 191 are in the ICU. This is adding more data to suggest that the virus is plateauing in Minnesota, even though cases and hospitalizations are rising in other states that have loosened restrictions, particularly Texas and Arizona.

The slowing of cases and hospitalizations comes despite it now being more than two weeks since Memorial Day and the start of the George Floyd protests.

Coronavirus in Minnesota by the numbers:

  • Tests: 407,992 (up from 395,208)
  • Confirmed cases:  30,172 (up from 29,795)
  • Deaths: 1,283 (up from 1,274)
  • Still hospitalized: 390 (down from 403)
  • Patients in intensive care: 191 (level).
  • Patients no longer requiring isolation: 25,620. (up from 25,028)

There have been 31 patients deemed to have "probably" died from COVID-19, though that total isn't included in the aforementioned death toll. Those cases represent victims who never received a COVID-19 test, but for whom doctors believe within a reasonable degree of certainty that the virus caused their death.

Meanwhile, health officials are encouraging anyone who attended protests in recent days to go in for a COVID-19 test, and they recommend doing so whether you have symptoms or not.

You can find your closest testing facility in Minnesota through this link.

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