Here is Minnesota's COVID-19 update for Tuesday, May 25

The latest from the health department.

Tuesday's COVID-19 update from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) includes 256 new cases and 11 new deaths.

The state's death toll is 7,381 since the start of the pandemic. Of the total deaths, 60% (4,416) were residents of long-term care.

Through May 23, the state reported that 2,863,354 people have received at least 1 dose of the COVID-19 vaccine while 2,512,458 people have completed their vaccine series.

Sixty-four (64) percent of Minnesotans aged 16-plus have received at least one shot, while 89% of the age-65-plus population has had at least one dose of a vaccine.

The state is also now providing vaccination totals for children ages 12-15, and with those kids included, the state has had 61% of its 12+ population receive at least one dose. 

MDH has a public dashboard to track vaccine progress in Minnesota, and you can view it here.


Through May 24, the number of people with COVID-19 hospitalized in Minnesota was 368. Of those hospitalized, 97 people were in intensive care and 272 were receiving non-ICU treatment.

Here's how Minnesota's hospital admissions have progressed since Mar. 7.

  • Mar. 7: 223 (177 non-ICU, 46 ICU)
  • Mar. 13: 255 (194 non-ICU, 61 ICU)
  • Mar. 20: 324 (246 non-ICU, 78 ICU)
  • Mar. 27: 356 (264 non-ICU, 92 ICU)
  • Apr. 2: 439 (337 non-ICU, 112 ICU)
  • Apr. 8: 595 (461 non-ICU, 134 ICU)
  • Apr. 14: 699 (531 non-ICU, 168 ICU)
  • Apr. 20: 676 (483 non-ICU, 193 ICU)
  • Apr. 26: 641 (457 non-ICU, 184 ICU)
  • May 2: 576 (421 non-ICU, 155 ICU)
  • May 9: 481 (348 non-ICU, 133 ICU)
  • May 17: 440 (328 non-ICU, 112 ICU)
  • May 24: 368 (272 non-ICU, 96 ICU)

Testing and positivity rates

The 256 positive results in Tuesday's update were from 7,251 completed tests, creating a test positivity rate of 3.53%.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Minnesota's test positivity rate over the past seven days is 3.50%.

The World Health Organization recommends that a percent positive rate (total positives divided by total completed tests) of below 5% for at least two weeks is necessary to safely reopen the economy. That 5% threshold is based on total positives divided by total tests.

Coronavirus in Minnesota by the numbers

  • Total tests: 9,845,392 (up from 9,838,440)
  • People tested: 4,229,117 (up from 4,227,725)
  • People with at least 1 vaccine shot: 2,863,354 (up from 2,859,019)
  • People who have completed vaccine series: 2,512,458 (up from 2,506,883)
  • Positive cases: 599,477 (up from 599,234)
  • Deaths: 7,381 – 410 of which are "probable*" (up from 7,370)
  • Patients no longer requiring isolation: 586,968 (up from 586,144)

* Probable deaths are patients who died after testing positive using the COVID-19 antigen test, which is thought to be less accurate than the more common PCR test.

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Here is Minnesota's COVID-19 update for Tuesday, Feb. 9

The latest information from the state health department.