Heroic efforts to save dog caught on video in Redwood Falls

The dog was swept into the rushing water at the falls.
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Redwood Falls police and firefighters displayed incredible rescue skills Saturday when they saved a dog that was swept away in rushing water. 

The incident happened at Ramsey Park at approximately 3:12 p.m. when the dog was swept into rushing water, went over the falls and became trapped in the water below. 

Fortunately, the dog was saved with the help of local police and firefighters who used high-angle rescue equipment to lower a firefighter from the outlook area above to the dog below. The firefighter secured the dog and scaled back up the cliff with the help of police, firemen and local residents pulling them up. 

Jessica Norman caught the rescue on video. 

Redwood Falls was among areas of southwest Minnesota hit hard by heavy rains last week. 

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