Horse recovering after harrowing ice rescue in central Minnesota

The Princeton family who owns her is expressing sincere thanks to the rescuers.
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It's not every day the fire department gets a call about a horse who's stuck in a frozen swamp, and very near death.

But it happened this week in Princeton, Minnesota, and the results are making news across the state.

On Wednesday, the local fire department got an emergency call about "someone needing help," and soon learned that a family horse by the name of Breeze had fallen through the ice in a swamp near her corral, according to a Facebook post:

It seems Breeze had managed to get out of her pen and wander off, though owner Katie Bialka initially thought she'd been stolen, according to the Facebook post.

When she and her brother found the horse stuck in the ice, she thought the animal was dead. Breeze was still alive, but she was shivering and the clock was ticking. 

After trying everything they could to rescue the horse — including pulling her out with a plow truck, as well as old-fashioned manpower — the family had no choice but to call the Princeton Fire Department and Anoka Equine Veterinary Services for help.

Katie tells KARE 11 that the firefighters "went above and beyond," arriving quickly with ratchet straps, body boards and other rescue gear, even putting on body suits and immersing themselves in the frigid water to get the straps around the horse.

What's more, the station says, the veterinary service sent two vets to "care for Breeze and evaluate her once she was out."

And she did get out. And according to an update from Bialka the next day, Breeze is "doing great," as she's both "bright and alert" and "eating and drinking as normal":

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