Hosting Fox News proves controversial for Duluth cafe

The TV channel broadcast live from Uncle Loui's Cafe on Thursday.
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The day after President Donald Trump held a rally in Duluth, Fox News broadcast live from a local cafe.

Uncle Loui's Cafe on East 4th Street hosted members of the Fox & Friends crew, with the TV network broadcasting segments from Duluth including an interview with 8th District GOP candidate Pete Stauber.

But with Fox News' reputation as one of the president's biggest cheerleaders, Uncle Loui's Cafe's decision to open its doors to the TV network has rubbed some up the wrong way.

Its Facebook page has been a hive of argument in the wake of Trump's visit to the city, when locals realized the cafe would be hosting Fox & Friends.

The reaction has mainly been split between those who say it's lost their business, and those who said they'll start patronizing the establishment.

"Sadly, I can't support their decision and will never return," Gail Horvath said. "I just feel sad they made this choice."

Some of those complaining say their posts have been deleted, while many of those from supporters remain.

"We are driving up from the cities and will be making a pit stop on the way to the cabin to support you," Deanna Lewis wrote. "It’s so sad to see people treating each other this way."

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Speaking to the Duluth News Tribune, general manager Matt Berthiaume said they had some customers come in to congratulate them, others to criticize – including some regulars who say they won't eat there anymore.

He told the newspaper the reason for letting Fox News in was exposure for their restaurant, and said his mother, Debra Strop, who owns the restaurant, is "so apolitical."

But that didn't fly with some customers, with Melanie Johnson writing on its Facebook page: "We live in America where you are free to do and say what you please.. To promote your business in whatever way suits you.. just do not be upset when the 'Way you see fit' is seen by many people as political and then decide to not patronize your business."

Here's Pete Stauber, giving an interview from the cafe. 

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