Rep. Tom Emmer named in complaint that House GOP used 'trackers' to follow, film Democrats

Trackers hired by the NRCC filmed opponents in House buildings and hallways, the complaint alleges.
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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is alleging House Republicans, led by Minnesota Representative Tom Emmer, broke ethics rules by filming Democrats for “political messaging.”

A complaint filed Monday with the Office of Congressional Ethics points to several instances in which the National Republican Congressional Committee used "trackers" to film Democrats and ask them heated questions. The NRCC is the political arm of Republican House members.

While this practice is not uncommon on campaign trails, these videos were filmed in House buildings and hallways. The DCCC says this violates House Ethics Manual rules prohibiting House resources being used for political purposes.

They have accused the NRCC and Rep. Emmer of "egregious misuse of official House resources for political purposes."

In one of multiple videos, House Democrats are pushed on their feelings on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani’s death, while another sees Democrats pressured to answer questions on President Trump's impeachment.

“Members are supposed to be legislating and serving their constituents – not following political opponents House buildings and filming them for partisan gain,” the complaint reads.

Carly Atchison, a press secretary for NRCC, didn't address the complaint made by Democrats directly, but instead pointed out instances of alleged House ethics violations by Democrats.

This includes a video of Minnesota Representative Angie Craig in her official office, where she briefly tells the camera she’s “looking forward to serving you in this Congress." Atchison argues she shouldn't use her House office for a campaign video.

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