Inmate steals jail vehicle, leads police on 6-hour manhunt in northwest Minnesota

The drama happened in Polk County on Wednesday.
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A jail inmate overpowered a corrections officer before escaping in northwest Minnesota Wednesday, before eventually being caught by authorities.

Tony Mitchell Krueger led deputies on a six hour manhunt in Polk County, after stealing a jail transport vehicle in Crookston just after 1:15 p.m.

He was being transported by a Northwest Regional Corrections officer at the time, whom he overpowered to steal the vehicle and fled the area.

The Polk County Sheriff says he was being taken to a hospital in Crookston after complaining of shoulder injury, but jumped behind the wheel as the officer was getting out of the squad car.

After fleeing, the State Patrol eventually caught up with him near Erskine, prompting a brief, high-speed chase before the vehicle stopped.

Krueger then got out and ran into a nearby soybean field south of Winger, about 40 miles southeast of Crookston.

Officers surrounded a field with guns drawn as they searched for the 20-year-old fugitive.

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He was caught at around 8 p.m. and taken back to Northwest Regional Corrections Center, which is a direct supervision jail in Crookston.

The Grand Forks Herald reports that Krueger has a criminal history of domestic assault, unlawful possession of pharmacy drugs and traffic violations.

He is now facing charges of fleeing an officer, and obstructing a legal process.

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