Investigators says fatal explosion that leveled St. Paul house was accidental

It was likely the result of an internal gas leak.
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Investigators have determined the likely cause of a massive explosion that leveled a St. Paul house and led to the death of its owner weeks later.

Saint Paul Fire Department ruled that the blast at the home on Payne Avenue the day after Thanksgiving was accidental, likely caused by a gas leak.

Investigators from the fire department, Xcel Energy and the Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety found that the supply pipes outside the home were all in satisfactory condition.

They determined therefore that the explosion was most likely the cause from a leak from a fitting or valve inside the house on the corner of Payne and Edgerton Street.

Xcel Energy said that the average gas flow to the house increased the day before and the day of the explosion.

The homeowner, 80-year-old John Lundahl, emerged from the rubble after the blast and was taken to an area hospital.

Unfortunately, he died from the injuries suffered in the explosion a few weeks later.

A surveillance camera located further down the street caught the moment the house exploded.

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