Iowa business owner won't be charged for shooting dead burglar from Minnesota

The 67 year old opened fire after saying he was threatened by the burglar from Fergus Falls.
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An Iowa business owner will not be charged for shooting dead a Minnesota man who burglarized his property.

Amund Haarstad, 37, of Fergus Falls, died from a gunshot during a burglary of Kraft Imports and 5 Star Muffler in Des Moines on Wednesday.

The business' owner, 67-year-old Thomas Kraft, arrived at his property unarmed to find Haarstad burglarizing it, and armed himself with a handgun when Haarstad allegedly became aggressive and threatened to kill him.

WHOTV reports he then fired a bullet into the ground, only for it to ricochet up and strike Haarstad in the head, killing him.

Authorities confirmed to the Des Moines Register on Friday that no charges will be filed in the case, having initially suggested an investigation would determine whether Kraft was justified under Iowa's "stand your ground" law.

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An attorney for Kraft said the businessman had no intention of killing or injuring the burglar, telling the newspaper: "Tom shot at the ground many feet away from the burglar."

Haarstad's family meanwhile has been on the receiving end of abusive messages, and has said that the 37 year old struggled with addiction and was "not a monster."

The Duluth News Tribune reports that a tow truck stolen from Beyer's Towing in Fergus Falls on Sunday was found outside the Des Moines business.

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