iPad stolen from family business contained videos of son who died

Grey Braddock died from cancer last June at the age of 12.
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A family is appealing for the return of a stolen iPad that contains video of their son who died of brain cancer last year.

Topher Braddock, the owner of Akagi Jiu-Jitsu in Bloomington, says that the thieves smashed through his gym's door on Wednesday night, stealing a TV, a music device, and the iPad they use for members.

But the iPad also contained something a whole lot more personal, some videos of Topher's son, Grey, who died this past June at the age of 12.

"In the grand scheme of things not the end of the world," Braddock wrote on Facebook.

"But the iPad has videos of my son playing with it the day we first bought it. This was about a week before we found out he had cancer.

"Grey passed away this June and those are the very last videos of him before he was sick. Needless to say they are invaluable and irreplaceable."

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The family has issued an appeal on Facebook in the hope of tracking down the iPad.

The videos were only discovered "a couple of months ago," Braddock says, and with the device only being used for member check-ins, he didn't think to set up iCloud to back up the information on the iPad.

Speaking to WCCO, Braddock said that while the break-in has been reported to police, "all would be forgiven if they could just get that video of their son Grey back."

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