Jake Patterson's father says he didn't know Jayme Closs was in son's house

He gave a short answer to media after Monday's court hearing.
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The father of murder and kidnapping suspect Jake Patterson says he didn't know that Jayme Closs was being kept in the house that he owned and in which his son lived.

Patterson made his first court appearance via video feed on Monday in response to two charges of first-degree homicide in the killing of James and Denise Closs on Oct. 15, and the abduction of 13-year-old Jayme.

The criminal complaint released ahead of the hearing revealed some of the details about the almost three months Jayme was allegedly held at Patterson's house at 14166 S. Eau Claire Acres Circle outside of Gordon, Wisconsin, from which she escaped this past Thursday.

Patterson house

The Patterson house where Jayme was allegedly kept.

The house was owned by Patterson's father, Patrick, and while he didn't live there he would typically visit on Saturdays.

KARE 11 and FOX 9 asked Patrick Patterson, who was joined at Monday's court hearing by his other son, Erik, if he had any idea that Jayme was in the house over the 10 weeks she was held captive.

He shook his head when asked by KARE's Lou Raguse, before saying "no" outside the courthouse when asked by various media members. He made no further comment other than that.

The charges state that Jake Patterson would keep Jayme hidden underneath a bed, which had been pushed into the corner of a bedroom and surrounded with totes and weights to make it more difficult for her to get out. Jayme was threatened not to get out from under the bed "or bad things would happen to her."

The radio would then be turned on in the room whenever Patterson had people in the house to mask any sound that Jayme might make.

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Also kept in the house for at least some of the time Jayme was there was the shotgun allegedly used to kill her parents, which belonged to Patterson's father.

Jake Patterson told police that Jayme had tried to move the totes and weights on at least two occasions, at which point he said he "had struck a wall and screamed a lot to the point where he knew she was scared and she knew she better not try that again."

On Christmas Day, he left the house for as long as 12 hours to visit family in Superior, with Jayme staying under the bed the entire time.

Her ordeal ended on Thursday, when Patterson said he'd be leaving for 5-6 hours, during which she pushed the weights away from the bed, put on a pair of his shoes and left the house. She approached dog walker Jeanne Nutter, told her who she was, and was taken to a nearby house where police were called.

Charges reveal details of Jayme Closs' kidnap, escape

Patterson was found in his vehicle a short time later, apparently looking for Jayme.

He has been charged in Barron County with two counts of first-degree homicide, one count of first-degree kidnapping, and one count of armed burglary.

More charges may yet be forthcoming from Douglas County, where Jayme was kept.

Not all details about Jayme's captivity were released in the complaint issued Monday, with Barron County District Attorney Brian Wright saying more information is likely to come out during future court hearings.

Meanwhile, KSTP reports that Patterson has been moved from Barron County Jail to the Polk County Jail, a decision made by Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald partly because a relative of Jayme's works at the Barron County Jail.

Patterson's next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 6.

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