Jake Patterson's father tells CNN: 'All I care about is Jayme's family'

He arrived at the Justice Center in Barron County to pass on a note.
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The father of Jake Patterson has spoken for the first time to the media about his son's arrest for the abduction of Jayme Closs and murder of her parents.

After Monday's court hearing, Patterson said only "no" when asked by the media if he was aware the 13 year old was being held in the house he owned, but his son lived in, outside of Gordon for almost three months.

Now on Tuesday, he spoke briefly with CNN's Jean Caserez after arriving at the Barron County Justice Center on Tuesday afternoon.

He told the reporter he wanted to pass along a message to the Closs family, saying: "All I care about right now is Jayme’s family. I want to get them a note."

During the CNN interview, Patterson was shaking with emotion, saying "I'm sorry, I can't talk" on several occasions, according to WQOW.

His 21-year-old son has been transferred from Barron County Jail to the jail in neighboring Polk County, which the Barron County Sheriff's Office said was an administrative decision and not the result of any threats.

Future court hearings, including the next one scheduled for Feb. 6, will continue to be heard in Barron County.

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