Judge orders Keith Ellison divorce file be unsealed

Two media outlets applied for the motion.
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Details of the 2012 divorce between Keith Ellison and his ex-wife Kim will be unsealed, after a judge granted a motion made by two media outlets.

The Star Tribune and Alpha News MN sued last month for the release of the file, which had been sealed in 2012 on the agreement of both Ellisons.

On Friday, District Judge Patrick Robben agreed to open the divorce records, which will be made public on Tuesday.

Alpha News, a Minnesota-based conservative news and opinion site, reports that the judge agreed to a recommendation made by Family Referee Jason Hutchinson, who said the presumption of public access to the file "significantly outweighs" the Ellisons' private interests in keeping it sealed.

When the motion was first made, Kim Ellison told BMTN that "what these people are seeking simply is not contained in this file," stating she was disappointed that the Star Tribune in particular would make the motion.

Interest in the file has arisen because of the allegation of domestic abuse made by Keith Ellison's ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan. The pair were in a relationship after Ellison's divorce.

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But Kim Ellison has said on more than one occasion that her ex-husband has never abused her "in any way before, during or after our marriage."

The Star Tribune reports that the Ellisons argued the personal information contained in the file could present security concerns for both of them. 

But Hutchinson said that he could not find any such concerns, given that both Ellisons are public officials – Kim Ellison is a Minneapolis Board of Education member – many of whose details are already public as a result.

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