Keith Ellison wins contentious Minnesota Attorney General race

Both candidates had been mired in controversy.
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A controversial, negative attack ad-filled race for Attorney General is over, and Keith Ellison is the winner.

The Democratic candidate beat Republican Doug Wardlow in a relatively close contest, securing a victory of around 6 points over his opponent.

Both candidates faced at times unbearable pressure over their pasts, while their campaigns embarked upon a mud-slinging battle that dominated headlines for weeks in the run-up to Tuesday's vote.

Ultimately Ellison prevailed, ensuring that the Democrats would keep control over an office they have held since the '70s.

Ellison has promised to defend the protections guaranteed under Obamacare, hold pharmaceutical companies to account, champion workers' rights and ensure women have access to safe healthcare choices.

But his campaign was thrown into disarray just days before the DFL primary in August, when ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan accused him of domestic abuse.

Ellison denied the claims and a DFL-commissioned investigation found them unsubstantiated, but the allegation nonetheless dogged him throughout his entire campaign.

Wardlow meanwhile faced criticism for Islamaphobia mailers issued about his opponent and his past record working for an anti-same-sex marriage organization.

This culminated last month when a gay former classmate accused him of homophobic bullying when they were high school.

The 135,442 votes for Grassroots Legalize Cannabis candidate Noah Johnson showed that there were a significant number of Minnesotans who didn't find either candidate a palatable option.

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