Key points from the release of the Keith Ellison divorce file

The Ellisons tried to block its release, citing privacy concerns.
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The file pertaining to the 2012 divorce of Keith and Kim Ellison was released on Wednesday.

A judge ordered the file be unsealed after the Star Tribune and Alpha News MN made motions for its release, arguing it serves in the public interest ahead of Ellison's candidacy in November's Attorney General election.

That's because Ellison has been accused of domestic abuse by ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan, which he denies.

The Ellisons appealed to keep the divorce file sealed, saying that Ellison's opponents would not find what they were looking for and that it would harm their family's privacy.

Here are the key points from the file following its release, based on reports from the Associated Press, MPR and the Pioneer Press.

  • There were no accusations of physical or emotional abuse leveled against Keith Ellison. He himself said in the files he "never hit or assaulted" his wife.
  • Keith Ellison said he was the victim of domestic abuse by his wife, saying he was struck "too many times to mention."
  • Said abuse was attributed to Kim Ellison's diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, which in turn led to depression.
  • He stated this in a filing post-divorce, responding to Kim Ellison's request for more spousal support. He said the abuse he received prompted him to leave their marriage.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Kim Ellison had said the file would contain details of her battle with physical and mental health ailments, which was one of the reasons she wanted to keep the file sealed.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Keith Ellison called his ex-wife a "wonderful person," saying they had a "storybook marriage" until her illness.

"One of the great regrets of my life is that I did not appreciate the debilitating effects of Kim's illness until doctors told us it was multiple sclerosis and major depression.

"I attribute the difficulties in our marriage to the disease and my failure to understand it."

He also described the Star Tribune and Alpha News MN's efforts to unseal their divorce records as "shameful and outrageous."

"Kim and I have rebuilt a strong friendship as parents to our four wonderful children. I am proud of the person Kim is," he added. "We are family, and I stand by her."

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