Klobuchar debunks fliers left in D.C. coffee shop that hint at presidential run

It showed an apparent pitch for a presidential campaign.
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A set of what appeared to be campaign fliers for Amy Klobuchar's still-not-yet-confirmed presidential run are the work of an "over-enthusiastic supporter," the Minnesota senator's office said.

Twitter user @MaxGMarshall created a stir when he shared pictures of some documents he came across at a Washington D.C. coffee shop that show logo and theme mockups for a Klobuchar presidential run.

He CCd Washington Post political reporter Dave Weigel in the tweet, which was then picked up and shared hundreds of times Tuesday afternoon.

The designs include a somewhat mountainous logo, which according to associated notes are representative of the "A" in Amy as well as Minnesota's Iron Range.

But hold your horses, because Sen. Klobuchar herself took to Twitter to debunk the fliers as the work of an "very enthusiastic supporter."

Nonetheless, it seems only a matter of time before Minnesota's senior senator announces a run for the Democratic nomination.

She said before Christmas that she was considering a run and she would first have to consult her family.

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On Tuesday, she told MSNBC that she had received the blessing from her family to launch a run.

"I wanted to talk to my family. So big news today, my family is on board, including my in-laws, showing some momentum," she said.

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