Klobuchar touts her 'real accomplishments' during Fox News town hall

The senator also defended her record as progressive.
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Since announcing her 2020 presidential candidacy, Sen. Amy Klobuchar has been positioned as the moderate, Midwestern Democrat that can actually get things done.

At a Fox News town hall in Milwaukee Wednesday, Klobuchar made the case she's the candidate for the more liberal voters as well, calling herself a "proven progressive."

"The last time I checked, if you want to be a progressive and support progressives, then you're supposed to make progress," she said. "That is what I have done my whole life."

"Heartland Amy," as she referred to herself when asked to come up with a nickname, took questions at the Milwaukee Grain Exchange for about an hour. She's the second 2020 Democratic candidate, after Bernie Sanders, to do a town hall on the conservative-oriented Fox News.

She has regularly separated herself from fellow Democratic rivals by questioning the grand, sweeping measures often touted by her opponents, a trend that continued Wednesday.

Klobuchar told the crowd she supports legalizing marijuana, but would leave it up to states to decide rather than relying on federal actions, according to Fox News. She also noted sentences for non-violent offenders should be reduced.

She reiterated her support for universal health care with a public option, but again said she'd like to build on the Affordable Care Act, not immediately aim for a "Medicare for all" plan.

And in previous comments, Klobuchar has described the Green New Deal as "aspirational," noting she would vote for it if it came up, but acknowledging there would likely have to be compromises if it were to pass.

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Which gets back to the pitch Klobuchar has made all along, and restated to the Fox News audience Wednesday: she gets things done.

"Even during the time of this president, 34 of the bills where I have been the lead Democrat have been signed into law," she told the crowd in Milwaukee, pointing to state election equipment funding, responding to drug shortages for kids with cancer, and the bridge from Minnesota to Wisconsin. "Those are real accomplishments, and that's what I think we need to do."

Whether Democratic voters agree will remains to be seen. She's currently polling in the low single digits, generally behind seven other Democratic candidates.

You can watch Klobuchar's town hall via the Fox News YouTube channel. Here's part one:

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