Klobucharge: Minnesota senator surges in early New Hampshire results

Klobuchar has been rising in all the polls this week.
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After a fifth placed finish in Iowa, Amy Klobuchar is seeing some significant gains in the early results from the New Hampshire presidential primary.

The Minnesota senator has been rising in polls since her performance in Friday's Democratic debate in New Hampshire, and early indications are she has a real chance of picking up a considerable number of delegates.

She has so far won two districts that have returned results, ahead of Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders respectively, and finished second in another behind Buttigieg.

We will provide a more comprehensive report of the New Hampshire primary once the bulk of the results are in.

Dave Wasserman, of the Cook Political Report, commented on Twitter: "Pretty clear from initial returns the top three finishers in the NH primary will be Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar (not necessarily in that order)."

It seems that the Klobucharge is happening...

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