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Klomentum: Amy boosted by third place showing in New Hampshire

She comfortably outstripped rivals including Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.
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Amy Klobuchar's presidential campaign received a huge boost in the New Hampshire primary, where she placed third with around a fifth of Democratic votes.

The Minnesota senator beat rivals including Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, capitalizing on a strong debate in New Hampshire this past Friday.

As of 9 p.m. she had 20 percent of the votes with 62 percent reporting, behind only Pete Buttigieg (23.9 percent) and Bernie Sanders (26.5 percent), and is projected to finish in third once all the votes are counted.

It marks a significant improvement on her fifth place in Iowa, where she picked up a single delegate.

There are 24 delegates up for grabs in New Hampshire, and while this marks a tiny fraction of the 1,991 needed for the nomination, it's given Klobuchar the boost she needed to continue her campaign in earnest.

As the early results started filtering through, Klobuchar's campaign announced a seven-figure ad buy in Nevada, which is the next state to hold a primary, on Feb. 22.

It will purchase time for two of her video ads on cable, broadcast and digital, which will start three days before Nevada's early voting period starts.

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Nevada and the following primary, South Carolina, will prove a more difficult challenge for Klobuchar, given that she has low polling numbers among African Americans, with both those states significantly more diverse than Iowa and New Hampshire.

Speaking in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Klobuchar said: "We know what unites us is so much bigger than what divides us, we know that we believe that the heart of America is bigger than the heart of the guy in the White House.

"My story like so many of yours is one of resilience. 

"They predicted wouldn't make it through the summer, that we wouldn't make it through the debates," she said, adding: "What we've done is steady. We've been strong and we've never quit. I think that sounds pretty good for a president."

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