Lack of rain leading to boat damage in parts of Minnesota

Water levels are lower in lakes, causing leisure crafts to find rocks.
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A lack of rainfall in parts of Minnesota is causing a headache for boat owners using their local lakes.

The Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office issued a warning about lower water levels in central Minnesota lakes after a recent dry spell.

It says it has received several calls from local residents who have said their watercraft suffered damage from "rocks and obstructions in the water." It has served a reminder on residents to be careful with their boats in areas of water marked by danger or hazard buoys.

It's also asking boaters to travel on parts of the lake further from shore, and urges them to use electronic GPS and depth gauge systems to avoid shallow areas.

The National Weather Service-Twin Cities noted last week that a large swath of central, west-central and northwestern Minnesota are currently experiencing "abnormally dry" or "moderate" drought conditions.

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