Lake Street Council launches fundraiser for damaged businesses

So far, donors have raised over $20,000.
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The Lake Street Council has launched a fundraiser to help repair its businesses in the wake of this week's protests and riots. 

More than 100 small Minneapolis businesses were damaged during riots Wednesday night, with the majority of them along Lake Street, Lake Street Council executive director Allison Sharkey told the Star Tribune.

Dozens more have been damaged as the unrest continued on Thursday night.

Since the fundraiser launched, around 350 donors have raised $20,000 to help businesses rebuild. 

Many businesses along Lake Street are immigrant-owned. You can find the donation page here. 

Several shop owners have issued statements on social media expressing support for the protesters.

Donations will assist small businesses as they deal with unexpected repair costs and high insurance deductibles while also juggling low sales during the pandemic, the fundraiser's GiveMN site says

Activists have also encouraged people to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which covers bail and immigration bonds for those who can't afford it, and George Floyd's family's GoFundMe

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