Lakeville pet owners on alert after coyotes kill 2 local dogs

It's not the first time local pets have been attacked.
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Lakeville residents are being warned about coyotes after a pair of local dogs were attacked and killed by three of the animals.

The attack happened this week near the Crystal Lake Golf Course, according to Lakeville Police:

According to KARE 11, the dogs, named Lilly and Loki and owned by the Ryan family, "only spent a few minutes outside" when they were set upon by the three coyotes in their own backyard.

The station says the Ryans, like others in the neighborhood, "can’t put up a physical fence" because their homes border the golf course, creating an unsafe situation for pets. 

And it isn't the first time such an incident has occurred, with a neighbor of the Ryans saying their own dog was attacked last summer: 

Lakeville police say they've advised DNR officials about the situation.

For its part, the DNR says coyote "populations are establishing and increasing in the Twin Cities metro area."

Though most coyotes avoid people and domestic animals, the department says, they are opportunistic scavengers and will make exceptions. 

You can check out the DNR's guide to keeping pets and people safe from the animals right here

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