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After a two-year pandemic-fueled hiatus, Minnesota Roller Derby is skating back into Roy Wilkins Auditorium for a full season with all new teams. Each team of local athletes is made up of up to twenty skaters each. Games are fast-paced and family friendly, featuring both rookies and roller derby pros. Friendly rivalries pop up between teams and seasons all the time, adding excitement to every bout. The home team season runs through March with all teams competing to win the coveted Golden Skate. 

Pump up the jam! The origins of roller derby 

In 1935, event promoter Leo Seltzer was looking for a way to pump up excitement and draw in crowds who attended the popular—but often sedate—walk-a-thons. After learning that more than 90% of Americans had roller skated at some point in their lives, he hit upon the idea of adding wheels to the walk, and roller derby was born. Original roller derby consisted of two-person teams comprised of a man and a woman, skating 57,000 laps around a flat track. The first team to skate the approximately 2,700-mile trek (comparable to skating from New York to San Diego) were declared the winners. Typically, these marathons lasted as long as three weeks. By 1937, spectators found it yawn-worthy to endure the endless repetition of skaters simply skating lap after lap around the track. As a result, Seltzer and sportswriter Damon Runyon created the basis for full-contact roller derby that endures to this day. 

Roller derby rules! The history of MN Roller Derby 

Minnesota Roller Derby is a skater-owned, flat-track roller derby team founded in 2004 in the wake of the modern roller derby revival that began in Austin, Texas. As one of the founding members of Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA), Minnesota Roller Derby proudly displayed their skills in one of the first public games in a professional arena. They’ve called the Legendary Roy Wilkins Auditorium home ever since 2005. The Minnesota All Stars is a Minnesota Roller Derby WFTDA charter team that competes internationally. With a reputation for tenacity and a killer defense, they’ve appeared at International Championships seven times since 2006. The Minnesota Nice, the league’s All-Star Program B team, compete internationally as well. Their travel season begins in April and often extends through September with post-season play. Minnesota Roller Derby is made up of skaters, officials, and volunteers collaborating to keep the league growing and strong. Minnesota Roller Derby also operates an adult skater recreational program, the Windchill, for those who want to learn to play or simply grow their skills, as well as a juniors team for kids ages 11-17. Minnesota Roller Derby is founded on a strong commitment to empowerment for women, non-binary, and gender-expansive people. They are dedicated to inclusion, athleticism and building community. Since 2004, the league has donated more than $80,000 to charity events and fundraisers in the Twin Cities metro area. 

New teams usher in a new era

Minnesota Roller Derby is excited to announce that for the first time in the league’s history, they have created four new teams and completely redrafted the league. These home teams premiered at the first bout of the season on November 12th, and will continue to play in monthly games through March.

Maul Rats

These scoundrels are back from battering the opposition at the local mall and ready to chew up every move to claw past their rivals. Get ready to cheer for the Maul Rat’s:

  • BooBoo—Captain 
  •  Riotchu—Captain 
  • Amanda Lorian 
  • Di 
  • Downtown Stabbey 
  • Freya 
  • Glitz Grenade 
  • Just Bob 
  • Kid Vicious 
  • Killer Bea 
  • Kim Burly 
  • Little Rascal 
  • Meshug Enough 
  • Painsley Park 
  • Sew Dangerous 
  • Switch Please 
  • Velvet Wench

Roller Vortex

Batten down the hatches, a deadly cold front is rolling into town. Roller Vortex is ready to freeze out the competition and blow past every move. Welcome your Roller Vortex to the track:

  • Lola Frequency—Captain 
  • Pretty Rackless—Captain 
  • Lexi Cuter—Captain 
  • Annaconda 
  • Captain Cordelia 
  • Cheez Louise 
  • Kitty Skittles 
  • Lebrick House 
  • Lefse 4 Dead 
  • Lightning Thrash 
  • Manila Ice 
  • R.I.P.Unzel 
  • Rizz 
  • Rosa Park-It 
  • Shadoux 
  • Tobi Determined 
  • Wheelie Nelson

Wednesday Warnings

Take cover when you hear the Wednesday Warnings thundering your way. They’re coming to blow away their opponents and lift you out of your seats. Welcome the Wednesday Warnings to the track:

  • Sintripetal Force—Captain 
  • Triple Shock Latte—Captain 
  • Bri Zuss 
  • Bizzquick 
  • Escape Velocity 
  • Hurtrude Stein 
  • Just Barb 
  • Lady Novacaine 
  • Laural Mighty 
  • Madrad 
  • Major Threat 
  • Saracha 
  • Skatey Gaga 
  • Sodium Fine 
  • Speed Rita 
  • Sugar Beatdown 
  • T-Wrecks 
  • Val Kyrie 
  • Max Becker--Coach

Bodies of Water

Emerging from the depths of Minnesota's frigid waters, this pack of skaters has come back to eat up the competition. Get on your feet for the Bodies of Water:

  • Krypta Night—Captain 
  • Whoopsie Daisy—Captain 
  • Anne T. Fascism 
  • Bi Fieri 
  • Chippa Tooth 
  • Hypnothighz 
  • Ginger Snap 
  • Kali Ma 
  • Fanny Smack 
  • Lucha 
  • Mollz to the Wallz 
  • Moody Garland 
  • Nerdzilla 
  • Rampaige 
  • Scam Likely 
  • Screamy 
  • Whacks Poetic 
  • Winter is Coming 
  • The Ish—Coach

Is Roller Derby your jam? Get your tickets now 

Catch roller derby in action at the next bout on Saturday, December 10th at 7:00 pm when the Wednesday Warnings take on the Maul Rats, followed by the Roller Vortex against the Bodies of Water in two action-packed games. MN Roller Derby invites everyone to come cheer on these four powerhouse teams when they hit the track at the Legendary Roy Wilkins Auditorium. Be sure to get your tickets today!

Can’t make it on the 10th or just want to make sure you’ve got your tickets for the whole season? Check out the Minnesota Roller Derby season 19 schedule for additional bout dates and times. 

Let the good times roll! Be sure to get your tickets today!

Let the good times roll! Be sure to get your tickets today!

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