Lightning strike blows hole into side of Kimball couple's home

A bolt struck the home's electrical box.
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A couple from Kimball, Minnesota, were given a rude awakening overnight when a bolt of lightning blew a hole in the side of their house.

As storms were passing over the central Minnesota home of Charles Nystrom, 54, and Vickie Fosjord, 55, they were awakened by a "loud boom" outside.

The pair could smell smoke and called 911 as they feared their house was on fire having been struck by lightning.

As it turned out, their house wasn't on fire, however responders did find that the lightning had struck the electrical box on the northeast side of the home.

"There was a large hole blown through the siding on the north side of the residence," the Stearns County Sheriff's Office said.

The Watkins Ambulance service was also sent to the scene, but there were no injuries.

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