List of 19 bars in Minnesota linked to COVID-19 outbreaks

The majority of cases linked to the bars are young adults.
Cowboy Jacks

There are now 19 bars in Minnesota connected to COVID-19 outbreaks since dine-in service resumed in Minnesota including nine in Minneapolis, which fueled Mayor Jacob Frey's decision on Wednesday to order all bars within city limits to stop providing counter service. 

As of July 27, the MDH says there have been 843 people with COVID-19 who have reported visiting at least one of 28 establishments since June 10, the day statewide bars and restaurants were allowed to reopen indoor service at a limited capacity. 

Only 19 of these establishments are identified by the health department, and these include venues previously identified as being linked to COVID-19 outbreaks such as Cowboy Jack's in Minneapolis, The 507 in Mankato, and The Pickled Loon in St. Cloud.

Some of the others, such as CoV in Wayzata, have previously been reported as having received warnings from state health officials for allegedly breaking COVID-19 safety requirements.

Here's a look at which bars/restaurants have been linked to outbreaks, including how many cases of COVID-19 they are linked to and the median age of the customers infected.

  • Rounders – Mankato – 117 cases – median age 22
  • The Pickled Loon – St. Cloud – 116 cases – median age 21
  • Cowboy Jack's – Minneapolis – 74 cases – median age 24
  • The 507 – Mankato – 72 cases – median age 22
  • The Underground – Mankato – 70 cases – median age 23
  • The Kollege Klub – Minneapolis – 66 cases – median age 21
  • The Loop (North Loop) – Minneapolis – 59 cases – median age 27
  • Sally's – Minneapolis – 48 cases – median age 21
  • Dooley's – Rochester – 38 cases – median age 25
  • Stella's Fish Cafe – Minneapolis – 32 cases – median age 24
  • Union Rooftop & Bar – Minneapolis – 30 cases – median age 26
  • Lord Fletcher's – Spring Park – 29 cases – median age 28
  • Uptown Tavern – Minneapolis – 29 cases – median age 25
  • Maynard's – Excelsior – 28 cases – median age 23
  • The Pourhouse Uptown – Minneapolis – 27 cases – median age 25
  • Seven Steakhouse – Minneapolis – 19 cases – median age 27
  • Moonlight Bay – Cross Lake – 17 cases – median age 25
  • CoV – Wayzata – 15 cases – median age 26
  • City Club Bar – New Prague – 14 cases – median age 40

The nine unidentified establishments aren't named because "they have fewer than 7 cases associated with them, so we don’t have strong enough evidence to say that there is transmission likely occurring, so no public health reason to name them," an MDH spokesperson said. "The cases associated with them could have just as easily acquired their infections elsewhere, through other exposures."

In Minnesota, an outbreak is defined at 7 or more cases at an establishment. 

Mayor Jacob Frey's order doesn't stop customers from dining or drinking inside bars and restaurants, but it does prohibit people from sitting, standing and ordering directly at the bar counter, in addition to being served in other "bar areas."

The median age of COVID-19 cases linked to Minneapolis bars is 24 years old, which was revealed as "more than 50 percent of new cases in Minneapolis continue to be in young adults under age 35 who report increased exposure in bars and at gatherings of friends and family," the order states. 

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Additional Minneapolis bars are undergoing review by environmental health officials "due to concerns of transmission among patrons." 

The executive action in Minneapolis goes into effect this Saturday, August 1. It prohibits "bar areas" at restaurants, nightclubs, brewpubs, breweries, craft distilleries, taprooms and other indoor spaces of entertainment to be closed. 

A "bar area" is defined as "one or more spaces in an establishment that is designed and utilized primarily for the consumption of alcohol or for providing entertainment." 

Examples of such areas are a dance floor, stage, game room, or "any space that is undefined or does not provide for seated food and/or beverage service." All counter service in the city is banned. People can still get table service indoors.

You can read Frey's full executive order here

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