List of 2020-21 restart plans chosen by Minnesota school districts

This list will be updated as more school districts announce their plans.

School districts across Minnesota are in the process of deciding how they will resume classes for the new academic year in the time of COVID-19.

Gov. Tim Walz has given school districts the responsibility of determining whether they will resume in-person instruction, distance learning, or a hybrid of the two, using local COVID-19 rates as a guide.

In any case, all school districts must offer distance learning as an option for students who wish to avoid attending in-person during the pandemic.

Here's a list of the school districts that have announced their plans so far:

This list will be updated as more districts announce.

Brainerd Public Schools

The school board's proposal recommends -n-person instruction for Elementary-Grade 5 students, with shortened days. Hybrid learning for middle and high school students, with two days a week in-person, and three days online.

Duluth Public Schools

Hybrid learning for all grades, with elementary students attending in-person instruction two days a week, with middle and high school students one day a week. Online learning for the rest of the week. More info here

Minneapolis Public Schools

Distance-learning for all grades, with some school buildings open to provide additional target support services.

Rochester Public Schools

Hybrid for elementary, distance learning for secondary students. Pre-K through 5th grade students will receive in-person instruction two days per week and distance learning three days per week. Grades 6-12 will distance learn five days per week, while some students can create custom schedules to receive appointment-only in-person help. Full details here

St. Paul Public Schools

Distance learning for all grades, with some schools offering "academic support centers" to provide "academic, social-emotional or technological help" starting in October. 

South Washington County Schools

The school board voted to approve a hybrid learning plan with K-12 students split with half attending Monday and Wednesday, the other half Tuesday and Thursday. Fridays are "flexible instruction days that will feature a mixture of in-person and distance learning. 

A final decision on how the school year will begin will be made Aug. 13. 

Stillwater Area Public Schools

Hybrid learning plan with half of students receiving in-person instruction on Mondays and Wednesdays, the other half Tuesday and Thursdays, with distance learning the rest of the week including Fridays for all.

"This is subject to change prior to the start of the school year, and it is very likely the district will have to shift between learning models at various times in the year as COVID rates fluctuate," the district said. 

Wayzata Public Schools

Hybrid model for all grades, with some students attending school Mondays and Wednesdays, and others attending Tuesday and Thursday. All students learning online for the rest of the week, including Fridays. More info here

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