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Lockdown lifted at Stillwater prison for first time since Joseph Gomm's killing

The month-long lockdown was lifted Tuesday.
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The inmate lockdown has ended at Stillwater prison.

Inmates have been mostly confined to their cells at MCF-Stillwater since July 18, when corrections officer Joseph Gomm was fatally attacked in a prison industrial building by an inmate.

On Tuesday, that lockdown ended, with the prison functioning under "modified operations," according to the Department of Corrections.

Programs restored include "in-unit recreation, religious programming, and access to phones and video visiting."

"Work assignments in the kitchen, canteen and laundry have resumed, and educational programing including GED classes will resume this week," the DOC added.

Normal meal preparation, visitation and canteen privileges have already been restored, but the industry program – where inmates were given access to tools – remains under review.

Gomm was attacked with a hammer by inmate Edward Johnson, who is accused of inflicting fatal wounds after grabbing the tool from one of the workshops.

A DOC spokeswoman said: "Modifications to operations have been made, and will continue to be made, to ensure the safety of all officers, offenders and visitors."

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All Minnesota prisons were placed on lockdown following the attack, though all facilities except Stillwater had the lockdowns lifted by Aug. 7.

The DOC had come in for criticism from the families of the remaining inmates in MCF-Stillwater, who said they had not been allowed to wash, were getting smaller meal portions, and for weeks weren't allowed to call their families, as WCCO reported.

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