Man charged in road rage case involving Jesse Diggins

She and a friend were harassed while roller-skiing last weekend
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A man accused in a road rage incident involving Minnesota skier Jessie Diggins has been charged with multiple crimes.

Diggins was out roller-skiing with her high school coach and friend Kris Hansen near Afton last weekend when a driver began harassing them, apparently angry at having to share the road with the pair. 

The cross-country skier and Olympic gold medalist detailed the incident in her blog, saying the man began toying with them, and "buzzed us so close that I was rocked sideways from the wind." 

When she knocked on his window a few times "shouting that he was going to get us killed," she says, "he flipped me the finger and turned the music up."

"It was the most incredible display of aggressive bullying and 'I’m bigger than you and I’m in a SUV so I’m going to harass you' that I’ve ever seen in person," she wrote. 

The charges

Diggins and her friend managed to take down the man's license plate, and though she initially "just asked the police to let Frost know that what he did was not OK," the Pioneer Press says, authorities have decided to press charges.

The paper identifies the suspect as 37-year-old George G. Frost of St. Marys Point, and says that he has a careless driving conviction on his record from 2010. 

He was charged this week with assault, reckless driving, careless driving, disorderly conduct and nuisance on a public roadway, WCCO reports. 

According to FOX 9, Afton City Administrator Ron Moorse released a statement saying that "the very unfortunate incident this past weekend is completely unacceptable behavior and we have zero tolerance for this type of aggressive, threatening, and dangerous behavior."

Diggins, 27, is a graduate of Stillwater High School. Earlier this year, she and Kikkan Randall became the first American gold medalists in cross-country skiing at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. 

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