Man charged with attempted murder of son in Minneapolis

His son is still in a critical condition after he was shot three times.
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A Minneapolis man has been charged with the attempted murder of his son, whom he's accused of shooting three times on Friday.

Derrick Hogan, 42, has been charged with attempted murder and 1st-degree assault after the shooting outside a home on the 3400 block of Queen Avenue North around 6 p.m. Friday.

His adult son remains in a critical condition in a hospital after he was shot once in the neck and twice in the chest.

The victim's mother, who is also the mother of Hogan's nine children, found him lying on the ground after the shooting, which happened after an argument between the two turned physical.

A criminal complaint said the fight was in the street, after Hogan stopped at the property to drop off clothes for some of his other children.

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Hogan fled the area in a car after the shooting, with the mother calling 911. He was caught a short distance from where the shooting happened.

Hogan's girlfriend told police that his son may have had a knife in his hand during the fight, though the criminal complaint against him.

Among those who witnessed the shooting was Hogan's 11-year-old son, who was sat in the back seat of his car. He told police that his father shot the victim once while he was standing and twice while he was on the ground.

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