Man charged with felony after allegedly pulling gun on teens at Eden Prairie McDonald's

The moment was caught on video and went viral on Twitter.
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The man who appeared in a viral video after appearing to display a gun during an argument with teenage kids at an Eden Prairie McDonald's has been charged with a felony.

Lloyd Johnson, 55, of Eden Prairie, was charged Monday with felony terroristic threats and carrying a gun without a permit – a gross misdemeanor – over the incident on November 19 at the McDonalds at 598 Prairie Center Drive.

According to the criminal complaint, Johnson started an argument with two 17-year-old girls ahead of him in line, who were struggling to pay for their meal with Apple Pay.

Johnson grumbled about having to wait, and then said "you were probably trying to pay with EBT" to the black Muslim girls, referring to the electronic payment card given to welfare recipients.

This prompted an argument that saw Johnson allegedly approach one of the girls and "got into her face ... balling his fist and putting her in fear that he was going to hit her."

Friends of theirs then came and confronted Johnson, who initially walked away before turning back, yelling at everyone to back up before pulling a handgun from his waistband.

He didn't point it at anyone but its appearance caused the teens to panic, a moment that was caught on a video uploaded to Twitter, which has been viewed more than 2 million times.

When interviewed, Johnson admitted he pulled his gun out so he could leave the restaurant as he felt threatened. He then said he shouldn't have made the comment about the EBT card.

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Police recovered a semi-automatic handgun from Johnson's car, which was loaded with 10 rounds but didn't have a round in the chamber.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said: "Mr. Johnson did everything he could to provoke this incident, by insulting the young lady in front of him, to confronting a second person and finally pulling a gun after he already had moved away from the confrontation.

"While he is innocent until proven guilty, this is outrageous behavior and it is only through sheer luck that no one was injured by his actions."

Johnson is out of custody ahead of a court appearance.

Warning: this video contains NSFW language.

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