Man charged with kidnapping after tying up girlfriend with baby monitor cord

It's the second time he's been charged with kidnapping.
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Joshua Smith

A northern Minnesota man has been charged with kidnapping after he assaulted his girlfriend before tying her up to keep her from leaving.

Joshua Malcom Smith, 33, of International Falls, has been charged with felony kidnapping, false imprisonment, and domestic assault by strangulation after the alleged assault on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

The criminal complaint says that police received a call on the morning of Oct. 10 from a person who reported their coworker had been assaulted.

The victim, identified as Smith's girlfriend, said she and Smith had been arguing the night before, and it escalated to the point where he grabbed her arms and pushed her onto the bed, covering her mouth and nose with his hand to make it hard to breathe.

He did the same again a short time later, putting his other hand on her neck to hold her into place, before taking the cord from a baby monitor and tying her hands.

Smith told her he was tying her up to stop her from leaving, with his girlfriend asking him if he was going to kill her.

She told police she was tied up for 30-40 minutes, and he admitted as much when interviewed by police.

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It's the second time he's been charged with kidnapping in relation to a domestic assault case.

He pleaded guilty to abducting his ex-girlfriend in 2017, refusing to let her out of his vehicle and driving away with her after they'd met to exchange some property.

The Bemidji Pioneer reports he put plastic cuffs on her wrists, pulled out a handgun and threatened to kill himself.

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