Man convicted in Minnesota of threatening to murder federal judge

He grew enraged after the judge ruled against him in a lawsuit.
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A North Dakota man has been found guilty in Minnesota of threatening to murder a federal judge.

Philip Ivers, 65, of West Fargo, was found guilty in a jury trial at U.S. District Court in St. Paul, after making threats towards a judge who had found against him in a lawsuit.

Ivers responded to the ruling by sending threatening letters to the judge, as well as calling a court employee and telling them he was "crazy angry" against the judge and described himself as a "walking bomb."

After re-filing the lawsuit he'd already lost, Ivers spoke with two volunteer lawyers over the phone, one of whom told authorities he became "intensely angry" during the conversation.

Among the things he said about the judge include: "This [expletive] judge stole my life from me," and “You don’t know the fifty different ways I planned to kill her.”

He also accused her of stacking the deck to make sure he lost.

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When confronted by deputies at his home, Ivers once again became agitated and said he was glad the judge was scared, saying once again that they stole his life.

He was convicted this week on one count of threatening to murder a federal judge and interstate transmission of a threat to injure the person of another.

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