Man crashes vehicle through gates at Duluth airport, drives on runway

A flight was boarding as the drama unfolded.
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An under-the-influence driver sparked an alert at Duluth International Airport by smashing through a pair of gates and taking his vehicle on an active runway.

The drama happened at 7 a.m. Friday morning, when a commercial flight was boarding at the airport.

The suspect crashed through a pair of gates near the Cirrus offices, before police pursued him across the airport, including on the runway.

Hermantown police couldn't get the man to pull over voluntarily, so they had to use one of their squad cars to push his vehicle off the road, ending what Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken called a "potentially dangerous situation."

He was subsequently arrested for DUI, damage to property and fleeing police, with the incident still under investigation.

The FBI has ruled out terrorism as a motive.

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An airport spokesperson told the Duluth News Tribune that they had to shut down for 30-40 minutes while the situation was addressed.

It caused a delay to one commercial flight, while a FedEx plane had to circle overhead as it waited to land.

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