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Man dies in collision with Amtrak passenger train in Fridley

Amtrak says the individual was trespassing on railway property.
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A person has died in the Twin Cities after being struck by an Amtrak Empire Builder passenger train en route to St. Paul from Seattle.

The incident happened shortly after 7 a.m. Wednesday on tracks at the 8200 block of Ashton Ave. NE., with Amtrak saying its eastbound service en route to Chicago via St. Paul was delayed for three hours "after making contact with someone who was trespassing on BNSF Railway property."

The Anoka County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that responders arrived at the scene and found a man who had died from his injuries.

The incident remains under investigation.

Amtrak said that the collision did not occur at a road crossing. None of the 117 passengers or crew who were on the train, which had left from Seattle on Monday, were injured in the incident.

The incident has happened during a week in which Amtrak has been conducting a nationwide safety appeal aimed at reducing injuries and deaths on American railroad tracks.

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The rail company says that someone is struck by a train in the U.S. every three hours. It also says that a train traveling at 55 mph can take one mile to stop, while at grade crossings, a train will pass through on average about 20 seconds after the lights start flashing.

The Empire Builder connects Chicago with Seattle and Portland with St. Paul's Union Station one of its major stops. It also has station stops in Winona, Red Wing, St. Cloud, Staples, and Detroit Lakes.

The average journey between Chicago and the West Coast takes 46 hours.

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