Waseca man gets 2 months on work release for raping classmate when he was 17

The assault was committed just a month before his 18th birthday.
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Jack Zimmerman

A 20-year-old man has finally been sentenced for raping a girl at a party more than three years ago.

Jack Roger Zimmerman, of Waseca, had been charged with first- and 2nd-degree criminal sexual conduct following the assault at his home in October 2016, during which a 17-year-old girl told police she had been blacked out after drinking and woke to find Zimmerman sexually assaulting her.

But as Southern Minnesota News reports, Zimmerman, who was 17 at the time of the assault, agreed to plead guilty to an additional charge of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

In exchange, prosecutors dismissed the first- and second-degree counts and a charge of fifth-degree assault.

The deal saw Zimmerman agree to five years of probation and 60 days in jail – to be served on work release. His felony conviction meanwhile will be reduced to a misdemeanor if he complies with his probation period.

What happened?

Warning: This section contains upsetting information.

According to the criminal complaint, Zimmerman had invited a group of friends to his parent's lake house on Madison Lake in Blue Earth County, where he said they would be able to drink.

The victim told police they'd sat around the bonfire and described herself as "really drunk." Zimmerman carried her to a guest house – a detached garage – which was separate from the main home, placing her on a bed while she was still clothed.

She told police that she knew who Zimmerman was because they went to the same school, but this was the first time they'd really interacted.

While in the guest house, the victim says she fell asleep and "blacked out," but when she woke up her clothes were off, and Zimmerman was on top of her, sexually assaulting her.

When she asked what was going on he said "just be quiet," and held her hands down next to her head.

She blacked out again and woke up to find Zimmerman once again assaulting her. During the course of the assault she said "Ow, that hurts" and told him to stop, but he continued.

She blacked out again and woke to find Zimmerman lying next to her, him with his pants on and her still naked.

The victim clothed herself and went back outside, where she reportedly told a friend who was at the gathering what had happened, saying that while she was in the room with Zimmerman she could hear some friends knocking on the door, telling him to let the victim out.

Before she left the next morning, one of her male friends came up to her and said: "It wasn't right what Jack did," and said he and another friend were planning to knock down the door to get her out.

Zimmerman then sent her a few Snapchat messages, one of which said "Last night was really good," before the second made reference to him "hearing that she had been saying things that 'made him seen unhonorly.'" [sic].

When she was examined by police, they found a bruise on her right side, near the center of her neck, while the sexual assault exam found bite marks on one of her breasts, redness on the other, abrasions around her buttocks and hip, and lacerations and abrasions around her vagina.

A witness who was at the party said the victim "could not walk and her speech was pretty slurred," and after Zimmerman came out of the bedroom he said he had "f----- her."

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