Man rescued after vehicle falls through ice on St. Croix River

Rescuers were able to find him using the GPS on his phone.
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Rescue teams in Hudson, Wisconsin pulled a man from his SUV as it sank on the St. Croix River on Sunday.

The emergency was raised at around 12:30 p.m. on a misty Sunday, when a report came in to the Hudson Fire Department that a vehicle was sinking on the river.


Hudson Fire Department Chief Scott St. Martin told BMTN that they were able to find the driver using the GPS on his phone, which led them to the river near North Hudson, just north of the railway bridge across the St. Croix.

The driver had to be pulled out of his SUV with a rescue rope, as crew members donned cold water suits as they went out onto the icy river.

Ropes were also used to get him to the top of the embankment, where he was met by paramedics who took him to a hospital.

There have been no details released about his injuries.

After last week's Polar Vortex saw temperatures dive and lakes and rivers freeze, conditions were clearly more unstable over a weekend that saw the mercury go back above freezing.

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We reported that on Saturday two trucks went through the ice within minutes of each other on Big Kandiyohi Lake, near Willmar.

January saw a number of ice breakthroughs involving vehicles, after a winter that has seen a number of freezes and thaws, rendering ice strength inconsistent across many Midwestern waters.

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