Man sentenced to 22 years in prison murder of mother, beating of father

The grisly attacks happened in Maple Grove last year.
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A Maple Grove man has been sentenced to 266 months in prison for the murder of his mother and assault of his father.

Matthew Witt, 42, opened the door to police covered in blood on the evening of July 24, 2019, with the motionless body of his mother, 68-year-old Elizabeth Witt, on the ground next to him.

A short time later, police found his father badly beaten in an upstairs bathroom at the home on Eagle Lake Drive North.

"Take me to jail. I did it. I didn’t kill them. They’re alive. I let them live…they’re hurt bad," he told police, before confirming that the victims were his parents.

Despite the best efforts of responders, Elizabeth Witt could not be resuscitated and was pronounced dead at the scene having suffered severe head trauma.

Witt's father was found bleeding from the head, with a bruised face and a cut under his eye. He suffered multiple facial fractures, while the laceration required multiple staples.

He pleaded guilty on Jan. 14 to the unintentional 2nd-degree murder of his mother, and the 1st-degree assault of his father.

He was sentenced on Thursday to just over 22 years in prison.

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